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Drivesure Data Breach

When corporations that sell software or perhaps services to other businesses get hacked, the personal data of people applying the ones products can end up in the wrong hands. That’s what happened with the auditor meant for the state of Washington, who says cyber criminals got into his system employing a hacking program sold with a company called Accellion.

The auditor was using a adaptation of Accellion’s product that isn’t as protect as a mature one this company now provides. The company says it has at this point fixed the challenge in its newer product.

Drivesure is a schooling platform in order to car stores build client loyalty by leveraging info about customer trips and choices. Individuals shoppers provide drivesure data breach their labels, addresses and cell phone numbers along with revenue messages between dealers and buyers and vehicle data which includes make and model, VIN numbers and odometer blood pressure measurements. In 12 , 2020, this software suffered an information breach that led to 26GB of private details being downloaded and shared on a hacking forum. That included regarding 5 mil unique emails, names and physical includes as well as car information including makes, designs and odometer readings.

The hackers who also dumped the details made it available for free upon multiple hacking forums, so that it is freely available to anyone who could find that online. The attackers likewise released 91 delicate sources that have PII and damage comments, extended car facts and dealer and warranty information. More than 93, 1000 bcrypt hashed passwords were also made public, though security positives consider bcrypt stronger than SHA1 or MD5. Meaning that anyone who used a Drivesure consideration at some point should change their particular password right away.

June 28, 2023


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