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What is the difference between the “Facility Listing(s)” and “Technology & Services Listing(s)” when ordering?

The Facility Listing is for physical (bricks and mortar) companies that describe their services and layout of their offices. The Technology & Services Listings are online services and software product companies as well as other research services companies.

What is my username?

Your username is your email address.

How do I find my password from last year?
Your username and password should have been emailed to you this year. If you cannot locate it or have forgotten it, click on the “Forgot your password?” link at the sign in screen. It will ask you for your email address and send it to you. If you still cannot locate it, we can provide you a new one.

Email us at or call us at 615-790-3718 and we will be happy to assist you.

I had a listing or an ad last year – Do I need to register for a new account?

No, your account is already set up with the username and password you used last year. Your order from last year will be easy to edit and “reorder” when you go to your account. You can of course also place a different order instead.

I purchased a divider tab last year. Do I get to renew that same position?

Yes. Last year’s advertiser gets first right of refusal on the TAB dividers. For convenience, the ad has already been placed in your shopping cart.

My listing from last year needs to be changed. How do I do that without filling everything out again?

Go ahead and re-order last year’s listing, and it will give you an option to make edits.

I filled out my bilIing information, but it is still showing “Unpaid”. What’s wrong?

You will need to go through ALL of the steps. We will email you a confirmation number when the order is completed.

I already paid, but thought of something else I would like to purchase. How do I do that?

Login and order any additions you would like. You will have to go through the checkout process again, and you will receive another confirmation number.

What do you mean I need to approve my listing?

After you purchase a listing a mockup of the information in its final layout form will be awaiting your approval. You will need to approve the listing in order to finalize the order.

I approved my listing, but just thought of something that I want to change. Is that possible?

The system will not let you change approved content. But it may be possible for us to change something for you. Call us at 615-790-3718.

Can I still purchase listings if I have not approved them yet?

Yes. The approval happens after the purchase.

Our logo has changed – I want to renew my listing, but want a different logo – What do I do?

Reorder the listing, and upload your new logo in the space provided.

I want to go ahead and purchase only some of the things in my cart. Can I do that?

To checkout you must purchase all of the things in your cart. You can remove items and come back to purchase them later if you like.

Do I get a free copy of the book with my listing?

No, the books are only sent to members of QRCA as a benefit of membership. You are welcome to purchase a book through this website. The price is $75.

Why can’t I see my online listing?

If you are searching for your online listing and can’t find it, check to make sure that you have selected at least one category.Only sponsored categories incur a fee. If you haven’t selected a category, your listing will not display in the search results.

How do I get more help?
You can email or call us at 615-790-3718.


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